Visiting Buenos Aires

Visiting Buenos Aires offers a wide range of possibilities: tango, resto, architecture, museums, shoppings, and desing trends.

Football Show

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Boca Junior vs River Plate.

Super-classic Boca Junior vs River Plate.

Thousands of tourists come to stay in Buenos Aires only to see this super - classic match than it can be missed, every season.

This Oct. 19 will host a new Argentinean super classic match, the two largest teams of Argentina will face again, this time in the stadium of River the “Monumental” and for the “Torneo Apertura 2008”.

This event is so spectacular and exciting, is being said out there that “you can not die without see the super - classic.” Not only because the lesson of these two football teams but for the spectacle offered by the “hinchas” and the “cantitos” the fans sing making a mockery toward the other and demonstrating the great rivalry.

On the side of the Boca fans we have nicknamed “hinchada” the “12″, because they are seen as the player number 12. It is also often called “half plus one” because more than half the country is a sympathizer of this club.

In contrast River are named “Millionarios” because their stadium is located in a residential area of Buenos Aires, the “hinchada” nickname is “borrachos del tablon.”

As for the history while Boca has 22 titles River has 34 and is the club that was more titles in Argentina but Boca has 18 international titles and River only 5.

For more information on this great story you can click here. Do not miss it, ask your ticket via mail

Online travel organiser

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TripIt is a web service for travelers. Is a tool that allows us to have a complete organization for our trip.
Tripit Is really easy to use. The user sent by email their travel plans : flights, accomodations, tours, etc. TripIt and it generates a general schedule which includes a map from the city destination, weather information, street, restaurants recommended.
The web have an attractive look and feel, and an easy turorial with some additional resources like the tripit movil that allows to recibe the information. They also have a corporative blog with aditional update information.
We do not accept each and every vendor of flights, hotels, etc., that exist in the market. But they will include most of them soon.

International Airport in Argentina

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BUENOS AIRES (Ezeiza), Argentina

The airport is situated at Ezeiza, 35km (21 miles) southwest of Buenos Aires. Buenos Aires has 2 Airports, One for Domestic Flights (Aeroparque - AEP) and otherone for the International flights (Ezeiza - EZE). The distance between the 2 airports is 40 Km.

A ride form Ezeiza to Downtow takes around 1 hour and from Aeroparque 25 minutes. There are two information desks. One is located on the ground floor of Terminal A and it is open 24 hours and the other one is on the ground floor of Terminal B and it is open from 0530 until the last flight. Courtesy telephones are situated around the terminal, with a direct link to the information desk. The airport has a 24-hour information line, which also provides information for the Aeroparque Jorge Newbery (internal flights) (tel: (011) 5480 6111).

Customer service representatives from Aeropuertos Argentina 2000 are available to provide assistance and information; they are easily recognisable by their uniform. Tourist information desks are located in Terminal A Arrivals and in the baggage reclaim hall of Terminal B Arrivals. Travelers have the option of several restaurants, bars and retail stores. Services available to travelers in the airport include banks, currency exchange counters, ATMs and a post office. Terminal A houses two pharmacies, a medical center and the left-luggage office.

Tango in Buenos Aires

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The tango World championship

The tango World championship develops in Buenos Aires city from 24 to 1 of September. More than 400 couples will participate in the competition that includes interesting events, activities, Tango concerts and Dance classes.

The main headquarter of the championship is going to be at the “Harrods store”, and in the 1 of September will be the finals with the participation of the international Mariano Mores orchestra with Raul Lavierán in voice.

This event confirms that Buenos Aires was the word and most important tango center, supported by wide range of hotels, restaurants and furnished apartments.

In the official championship site I found a good resource with access at the compete information, very simple and fast. We can enter to every event by days and the access to the full schedule. We can download all the press releases arrange by date.

Buenos Aires: tourist De Mayo Avenue

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“La Gran Vía de Mayo” is the new program stimulated by the area of tourism of the Government of the City of Buenos Aires that has a purpose of revitalize the former “Avenida de Mayo”, which history and culture are related so narrowly with the origin and development of Buenos Aires and of its more important events.

To say “Avenida de Mayo” (May Avenue) is to think about its European architecture, which we will see along the road, approximately 1600 mts, from “Plaza de Mayo” (May Square) up to the National Congress. It is undoubtedly the avenue that marks steps for Buenos Aires, like for example, the first subway inaugurated in Latin America, one of the first ones in the world (1913®s), it also possess the highest skycrafts in Latin America for those years, around 1923, the Palace Barolo of 100 meters of height built by the Italian Architebuenos aires travel , de mayo avenuect Palanti that can be visited in May Avenue 1370.

“La Gran Vía de Mayo” begins on April 12th and continues until May 18th, with a series of artistic activities with outdoors stages, bars and other designated buildings. There will be approximately 200 free spectacles, with varied subjects, from music, theatre, dance, shows of tango and different guided tours. In the weekends the traffic is cut and the street is transformed in pedestrian crossing.

We recommend everybody to visit “La Gran Vía de Mayo”. It is an important events in Buenos Aires, in the frame of one of the nicest avenues in terms of architecture and so rich in traditions and histories.

You can find the monthly and weekly schedule in this link.

Boca Juniors vs River Plate , a unique party in Buenos Aires.

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It is getting near the date of one of the events that more attention and interest generates in the sport area of the Republic Argentina. It is important, not only to local level but anywhere in the world where football is played, represents a real party and an experience worth being lived. Boca Juniors and River Plate are two of the most popular clubs of Buenos Aires, the Argentinean football match that generates major expectations, and where there measures up once again the power, skills, and creativity of the game of every team. But it does not end there. Every match is a real spectacle of colors, a party of popular songs, garlands, horns, and all that highlight the best of each club.

Every match of Boca and River, it summons dozens of thousands of sympathizers, each one with their flags, shirts and badges, which they put in action with every goal, with every victorious game, with every competitive situation. They compose the unique and perfect show, and where the passion is the common denominator.

BOCA JUNIORS MATCH BUENOS AIRESThis passion that distinguishes so much all Argentineans, here you can see it multiplied a hundred times. Next 4th of May, we will be able to confirm this again. It is known that the football in Argentina is unique for the special characteristics, but the football of Boca-River, is an obsession that in addition attracts thousands of tourists from all parts of the world, to be there seated and to be a part at least for 90 minutes of this madness, has turned into another tourist attraction that Buenos Aires has to give.

You can’t miss the BOCA vs RIVER match, they don’t play very often. Consult here, everything about how to be present match, fromTRANSFERS FOR BOCA RIVER to the TICKETS FOR THE STADIUM and everything solved in order you can enjoy the Boca River match as we do.

Clausura Tournament 2008: follow the Boca Juniors Athletic Club, River Plate and other teams along the Argentine soccer championship

Libertadores Cup: Accompany the Agentine teams along the Libertadores Cup.
Experience this marvelous show.

Buenos Aires Book Stores

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Buenos Aires book shops have a style and special caracteristics.Big and luxurious located on the most important avenues; o specialized on sales and used books, hidden on the neighbourhoods. Its main attraction for the tourist is on the history they represent and mostly on the cultural and relaxing space they offer. Other interesting characteristic is that many porteñas book shops are located on historical and valuable buildings. Go through the book shoops, search for books on shelves, talk to the owners it s a perfect way to know and understand the city and it s habits. In 1750 the first book sellers had established in Buenos Aires.

There were stores that, besides other stuff, such as food or medicine, sold books. One of them was located at the corner of Alsina y Bolivar. On that same corner is now today Libreria de Avila, the only store in the city that maintains it location and stuff since the colonial times. During the 20Th century many important bookshops and publishing houses were open, such us “Librería de la Ciudad”, frecuently visit by Jorge Luis Borges, or “El Ateneo-Grand Splendid”, a magnificent and luxurious bookshop located in Santa Fe avenue, which is built in an antique cinema building and that was recently declared the second most important bookshop in the world according to an article in the british newspaper The Guardian. Many bookshops offer spaces for reading with confortable sofas and tables to have a coffee. Spaces where cultural events are performed. The readers can sit and enjoy, or read the book they had chosen from the shelves. Bookshops Tours: The areas where you can find most bookshops in Buenos Aires is Corrientes Avenue, between Callao and 9 de Julio (San Nicolas neighbourhood). There are chains bookshops (Ghandi – Galena, Hernandez, Cúspide), big stores (Losada, Longseller, Lorraine), and many many others. Most of them are dedicate to sales and clearance sale.

In Corrientes, Santa Fe and Juramento avenues and also in shopping centres, there hay big bookshops with the last realisements, and many interesting turistical information and stuff: such us books with photographs, and luxurious editions about tango. In Avenida de Mayo, from 500 until 1200, there are some bookshops that sell strange editions, first editions, old books or books that no longer exists, handwritten, etc.In the area that goes from Suipacha and Corrientes, on directions to San Martin Park, there are fancy bookshops attended by well known booksellers, such us Libreria Casares.

For the ones that prefer doing research on sales tables – mainly in Parque Centenario, Parque Rivadavia or Plaza Italia, are an excellent option to get great copies – used or brand new ones- to cheap prices, both books and magazines

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